$895 - June 20 - University of chicago, Gleacher Center

As humans we are conditioned to weigh negative information more heavily than positive information and this can influence our readiness to adapt Artificial Intelligence into our practice. Too much of the discussion on AI has centered on how it can replace humans. The fact is we could benefit from learning what AI is all about and the value that it will bring to our practice.

AI offers practical tools that can be utilized in performing day to day operations. It can expand your focus and bring greater insights, results and efficiency at a lower cost. Together we will explore areas such as due diligence, contract review, legal research, eDiscovery, prediction technology, which helps forecast litigation outcomes, document automation and the limitless potential surrounding blockchain. These are some of the applications your firm may deploy to optimize their practice. 

Join us for this one-day conference on June 20th as both thought leaders from legal practice and technologists share knowledge and present alternative perspectives designed to help you gain foundational real-world insight on how AI applications are being successfully implemented, so that you can determine how AI might fit into your specific practice.

Staying relevant in a noisy market...

What can AI do for my practice? What are the possibilities? Can this be a differentiator for our firm? How do we start to assess our needs and think about possible solutions?

Conference Thought leaders: