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Why A Master Class For New Firm/Office Leaders?

"New firm leaders mistakenly believe that because they have served as a practice group manager, as an office head, or on their firm's elected executive committee they have the necessary background for taking on the role of leading the entire firm . . . Not even close!"

"You do not know all of the answers when you assume this position and some of the answers you thought you knew, you soon discover are not really that workable in the real world.  What worked for you or your predecessor in the past, may not work tomorrow."

"Watching management issues unfold each week is like watching TV when someone else controls the remote.  One moment you're watching a documentary, then - click! - it's a thriller, then a drama and then the evening news."

"Not withstanding all of the qualities I believe I have, I am often feeling like a fish out of water.  And yet how do I tell anyone what I am going through.  I need them to go on believing in me and trusting that I know what I am doing."

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 In spite of how well your peers might claim to know you, during those first few months, your formal decisions, informal behavior, and symbolic acts will be closely scrutinized.  Everything you do and say will send messages, set tone, establish expectations, and communicate direction about what is of importance to you. 

While these first 100 days will present a unique window of opportunity, they also hold potential for others to misunderstand you.  How quickly you swing into action as the new leader, for example, might provide a basis for your peers to characterize your management style as rash, purposeful, or indecisive.  Your selection of colleagues within the firm for consultation on your early decisions will fuel others' notions that you are inclusive, authoritarian, or even playing favorites.  Some partners might rush to label you as fair or arbitrary; a visionary or a cautious bureaucrat.  Some are even likely to try to test your composure in the early going. 

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Who Should Attend This Master Class?

The First 100 Days is designed especially for NEW firm/office leaders who want to learn how to be effective in their new roles, learn how to work effectively with their peers and explore where to direct limited and precious leadership time in order to maximize their impact.  

COOs and Firm Administrators

The most helpful person to a new managing partner can be the firm's COO / Executive Director.  Therefore, your firm's administrator may be invited to accompany their new managing partner to attend this workshop (at a substantial discount).

Registration Fee

$1,695 Early-Bird price ends Friday, September 28, 2018

$1,995 thereafter

COO's / Executive Directors may register for $795 on or before September 28, 2018 and $995 thereafter

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Ongoing Follow Up Support

For 100 days following completion of this MasterClass, participants may e-mail or arrange a telephone consultation with either of your faculty: Patrick McKenna and Brian Burke with any brief questions related to the content of this program or your unique management challenges.  This service is included in your registration fee.

• One Day Only - a time and cost effective format
• Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchanges - an opportuntiy to network with colleagues from across the country
• Interactive and Participatory Agenda - continually evolving with real world application
• Highly Recommended - by previous participants